Indy 3D+ Brace

The PTTD Brace of the Future

Every detail of the Indy 3D+ articulating AFO was meticulously designed with the end-user in mind. From the semi-flexible, honey-combed dual-uprights to the optional Indy-Turbo pre-tibial shell, every breathtaking component is 3D-printed and assembled right here in the heartland of America.

Fully Customizable

The Indy 3D+ Brace is a custom ankle foot orthosis that can be ordered from the Thrive 3D app using 3D-scan, cast, or measurement. With a myriad of anatomical accommodations and finishing options, your healthcare provider has full control to create a beautiful and functional bespoke orthosis.

Clinical Flexibility

The Indy 3D+ PTTD brace has a wide array of available options and configurations. The device offers full range of motion, restricted ROM, and dorsi-assist options to accommodate users with a variety of conditions such as foot drop, posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, and chronic ankle instability.

Lightning Fast Turnaround

The Indy 3D+ Brace can be ordered within minutes using the Thrive 3D app. Our proprietary design algorithm goes to work immediately, custom-designing the brace to the user’s specific anatomy. The custom design file is certified by a licensed pedorthist, 3D-printed, finished with soft goods, and shipped.

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