Carbon FLX Athletic Performance Insoles
Carbon FLX Performance Insoles
Carbon Fiber Performance Insoles - Pair
Carbon Fiber Insoles - Benefits
Carbon FLX Performance Insoles
Carbon Fiber Insoles - Performance Benefits
Carbon Fiber Insoles for Basketball - Vertical Jump
Carbon Fiber Insoles for Speed - Track and Field
Carbon Fiber Insoles for Soccer - Stability
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Carbon Fiber Insoles - Pair - Carbon Fiber Weave

Carbon FLX Performance Insoles

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Bounce. Shock Absorption. Stability. Speed.

Thrive’s Carbon FLX Performance Insoles completely change the game! Thrive's Carbon FLX performance-enhancing athletic insoles were meticulously engineered to increase explosiveness, speed, shock absorption, and stability for collegiate and professional-level athletes.

Carbon FLX Performance Insoles feature a 100% aerospace-grade carbon fiber footplate that stores energy and releases it back you throughout explosive movements. Our sleek, low-profile design is an industry-first, engineered to fit comfortably in athletic footwear. It's time to ditch your floppy foam insoles and increase your speed, explosiveness, and vertical with Carbon FLX!


What makes Carbon FLX Performance Insoles better than the rest?

 EXPLOSIVENESS & SPRING - Carbon FLX Performance Insoles are designed to dynamically store and release energy, providing a spring-like effect to increase bounce and explosiveness.

✔ STABILITY & SHOCK ABSROPTION – Our deep heel cup and semi-flexible, 100% carbon fiber footplate enhances shoe rigidity and control while absorbing impact during fast-twitch movements


MORE SPEED – Our semi-flexible, 100% carbon fiber footplates store energy and release it back to you throughout your running stride and during explosive movements


 LOW PROFILE DESIGN – Carbon Flx Performance Insoles are super low-profile and specifically designed for athletic footwear, cleats, and cycling shoes. Other carbon fiber insoles on the market have a banana-shaped design which pushes the foot upwards in the shoe, cramping the toe-box and making long term use nearly impossible.



✔ ENGINEERED FOR PROFESSIONAL ATHELTES – Carbon FLX Performance Insoles were meticulously engineered for the needs of collegiate and professional athletes competing at the highest levels


 AEROSPACE-GRADE TECHNOLOGY – The same technology used in aerospace and Formula 1 is now available in your shoes! Carbon fiber material properties make it one of the strongest, lightest, and most dynamic materials available today. Carbon fiber stores and releases energy throughout the cycle of explosive movements, returning more energy and bounce to the athlete


 SOLD AS A PAIR – Carbon Flx Performance Insoles are sold in pairs in sizes ranging from Women’s 6 to Men’s 14.5


 FAMILY OWNED - Thrive Orthopedics is a family-owned, independent business operating out of Carmel, Indiana. We treat every customer like a member of the Thrive family.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Trey Flatt

As a college athlete these are life changers!! It is true that they can make you run faster and jump higher. It’s not a crazy amount, but it makes a big difference.

Steve Greco
Carbon Fiber Insoles

Strong recommendation. I am a 61 year old tennis and pickleball player combating turf toe/tennis toe/arthritis. I experience sharp pain if my toe over-flexes. These insoles smooth out the flex of the shoe and have prevented pain. They felt stiff as heck the first time I wore them but my foot adapted quickly to the point where I don’t notice anymore. Glad I stumbled (no pun intended) on your website and product. Thank you

Sadarius Bowser
Best Insoles

The best insoles on the market. I’ve tried numerous insoles over my college career and these are hands down the best. It’s a glove fit for your feet and you can tell the difference immediately when using them. Highly recommend them if you an athlete who runs and jumps. Even outside of the court, I would wear these in everyday life!

zachary Schakner
excellent for speed and explosiveness

As a pro ultimate player I need to be dynamic, explosive and fast on the field. These insoles are perfect for providing springiness for vertical jumps and explosive sprints. Highly recommend and I will be using them for games and practices from now on.

Russell Lemaster
Ankle Stability

As a rugby player who has been plagued with ankle injuries, this insole gives stability with both cleats and workout shoes to keep my ankles secure. I have fully abandoned my ankle braces without negative results because of the difference these make. The break in period is rough, but power through it to see great results.

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