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Mach8 Ankle Brace
Mach8 Ankle Brace
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Figure 8 Straps on Mach8 Lace-up Ankle Brace
Mach8 Ankle Brace - Thrive Orthopedics
Thrive Orthopedics Mach8 Lace-up Ankle Brace for Sports
Mach8 Ankle Brace

Mach8 Ankle Brace

Thrive Orthopedics
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Modern Design. More Comfort.

Thriveā€™s Mach8 Ankle BraceĀ completely changes the game! Every single aspect of theĀ Mach8Ā Figure 8 Ankle BraceĀ was meticulously engineered to offer more support andĀ superior comfort. The torch has been passed; asĀ an upgraded and more modern version ofĀ outdated lace-up ankle braces, the Mach8 is the number one lace-up ankle brace on the market today!Ā 

With advanced premium features including internal padding and cushion for support, while maintaining and even improving all the original features ofĀ traditional lace-up ankle braces, it's no wonder this brace is now the #1 brace on the market!

TheĀ Mach8 takes concepts fromĀ traditional figure 8 ankle braces andĀ enhances them to bring them into the next generation. Our ballistic nylon shell coupled with our moisture-wicking, low-profile internal padding make the Mach8 more durable and comfortable. Our ergonomic, padded tongue and easy-gripĀ elastic closure lock you in and keep you secure. If you want next generation performance, the only choice is Thrive.


āœ”Ā INCREDIBLE SUPPORTĀ -Ā Durable figure-8 stabilizing straps mimic ankle taping methods available to professional athletes

āœ” MAXIMUM DURABILITYĀ ā€“ TheĀ Mach8 Ankle SupportĀ features a ballistic nylon shell and reinforced stitching to keep you in the game no matter how hard you play

āœ”Ā MAXIMUM COMFORTĀ ā€“Ā The Mach8 ankle brace is lined with moisture-wicking padding with extra support in the heelĀ to pad your Achilles area for all day comfort

āœ”Ā LOW PROFILE DESIGNā€“ TheĀ Mach8 is designed to fit seamlessly into any kind of footwear

āœ”Ā ENGINEERED FORĀ ATHLETESĀ ā€“ The Mach8 was designed by athletes for athletes. Ditch your 1980's style ankle brace and bring your performance into the next generation

āœ” DOCTOR RECOMMENDEDĀ - Physicians across the country frequently recommend ankle bracesĀ to aid in the recovery or prevention of the following injuries:

  • Chronic Weak Ankles
  • Post Ankle Trauma
  • Post-op Ankle Recovery
  • Prophylactic Ankle Protection
  • Ankle Support

āœ”Ā UNIVERSAL FITĀ ā€“ TheĀ Mach8 Ankle Stabilizer is sold individually and can be worn on the left or right foot.Ā 

āœ”Ā FAMILY OWNEDĀ - Thrive Orthopedics is a family-owned, independent business operating out of Carmel, Indiana. We treat every customer like a member of the Thrive family.

āœ”Ā Free ShippingĀ on all continental US Orders. Orders placed Monday - Friday before 4 PM EST ship out same day! All other orders ship out on the next business day.Ā 


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mary Perry

Mach8 Ankle Brace

Love this ankle brace

I used this brace hiking on uneven terrain. It provided me with great stability both medial and lateral. It is comfortable and easy to use. I would definitely recommend this brace for anyone looking for extra stability and support.

Supportive and Sleek

Great looking brace that gets me through long bike rides and workouts. Love the support and look compared to competitor braces. No pain at all after hard exercise.

Better than ASO Brace

I've used ankle braces my whole life when playing basketball for chronic sprains. This brace is like the MedSpec ASO Ankle Brace on steroids! It's more sturdy, has added padding, and a design that is modern and not from the 1980's. I would highly recommend!

Walk, stand, and move without pain!

A few months ago my mother was having some issues with one of her feet. She is overall healthy, active, runs regularly, and is on her feet most of the day working on flip houses, and has never had an issue with her feet before. This issue caused her so much pain that she wasnā€™t even able to stand or walk for any prolonged period of time, even for a simple task such as going to the grocery store. She went to a local podiatrist who was unable to pinpoint the exact issue without further scans, so he suggested stabilizing it to see if there was any improvement and put off the MRI. The podiatrist told her she could wear an AFO or an ankle brace (specifically a lace up brace, not a quick lace) and I was able to get her set up with your Mach8 ankle brace. The Mach8 helped her instantaneously. She could walk, stand, and move without pain again.

She was able to get to a point where she only wears the brace when she is doing something strenuous and I had completely forgotten about the brace as time passed, until we ran a 5k together on Thanksgiving and she showed up sporting her Thrive ankle brace. She was able to run the whole race with nothing more than the typical soreness afterwards and no issues from her foot, something she wouldnā€™t have been able to do without the brace. Every time she runs she wears the Mach8 and has had no issues with the quality or usability and seems very content with the fit, even as someone who has never had to wear any sort of ankle brace before.

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