Balance 3D+ Brace

Sleek, patent-pending Design

Thrive 3D was founded on the premise of reimagining the look and feel of orthopedic orthoses. The Balance 3D+ Brace ditches external mesh soft-goods, displaying our radiant sunburst design while concealing our fastening system in our patent-pending 3D-printed strap channel.

Fully Customizable

The Thrive 3D app gives you full control over the finish and design of your Balance 3D+ fall-prevention orthosis. From custom finishing options to a myriad of anatomical modifications, your Balance 3D+ Brace will be 3D-printed for your patient’s specific anatomy & your design specifications.

3D Scan, Cast or Measurement

The Balance 3D+ ankle foot orthosis can be ordered within minutes utilizing the native scanner in the Thrive 3D app in conjunction with the Structure scanner. If you’re not scanning yet, no problem. The Balance 3D+ can be ordered by cast or measurement using the Thrive 3D app

3D Scan, Cast or Measurement

The Balance 3D+ Brace can be ordered within minutes using the Thrive 3D app. Our proprietary design algorithm goes to work immediately, custom-designing the orthoses to the user’s specific anatomy. The custom design file is certified by a licensed pedorthist, 3D-printed, finished with soft goods, and shipped.

Clinical Foundation

The Balance 3D+ Brace may look cool, but it was designed in conjunction with industry-leading orthopedic product designers and PHd’s in 3D-printing. Specifically designed to reduce postural sway and increase postural stability, all of our AFOs are certified by a licensed pedorthist before being dispensed.

Stress-tested Durability

For patients with balance issues and gait instability, durability of their ankle foot orthosis is top priority. The Balance 3D+ is made from PA12, a material known for its impact & tensile strength along with its ability to flex without fracture. Our products are optimized for strength and tested for durability.

Made in the USA

Thrive Orthopedics is an Indianapolis-based company & the Balance 3D+ is printed right here in the USA. Our industry-leading manufacturer utilizes commercial-grade, HP 3D printers. Not only does our facility produce Balance 3D+ AFOs, they 3D-print critical components for the US Military.

Transparancy & Tracking

With the Thrive 3D app, you can track your Balance 3D+ order from start to finish. Whether you’ve saved your order to finish later or you’ve submitted your order for fabrication, your Thrive 3D order dashboard offers full transparency on the status of your orders as they move through the production process.

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