Hercules Custom 3D-Printed & Carbon Fiber KAFO

Hercules Custom 3D-Printed & Carbon Fiber KAFO

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Thrive Orthopedics® & Icarus Medical® Hercules KAFO




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Thrive Orthopedics & Icarus Medical have teamed up to bring you the industry-changing, custom 3D-Printed Hercules KAFO. The Hercules KAFO is a premium-quality brace that is 3D-printed, lightweight, and is optionally customized from an iPhone 3D-scan. The Hercules is the only KAFO that offers: 1) an adjustable, high-torque swing-assist with an optional tension lockout, 2) multi-compartment knee unloading, and 3) a slim, form-fitting 3D-printed brace based on a 3D-scan that is extremely lightweight.

The Hercules KAFO features Thrive's industry-leading F-Series Carbon Fiber AFO in conjunction with Icarus Medical Custom 3D-printed Ascender Knee Brace. Available in either Anterior or Posterior style, the Hercules KAFO boasts the following features:


  • Unloads up to 60 lbs from the joint
  • Engages stance control when needed
  • High mechanical-advantage dial to easily adjust and release tension


  • Common sizes weigh under 30oz
  • Extensively tested, high-durability frame and KO-AFO interface
  • Custom fit to the wearers leg


  •  Provides adjustable swing assist and significant support in the sagittal plane
  • Tension lock hinge, capable of near immobilization of the joint
  • Flexion/extension stop compatible


  • The breathtaking laminated finish and intricate design details make the F-Series AFO the single most premium product in the industry
  • Dorsiflexion assist and plantarflexion control for foot-drop
  • Anterior or posterior AFO and KO configurations available


  • Strength reinforced attachment mechanism
  • Detachable AFO allows KO and AFO to be used together or separately

✔ FAMILY OWNED - Thrive Orthopedics is a family-owned, independent business operating out of Carmel, Indiana. We treat every customer like a member of the Thrive family

Indication & Fitting Guide

Common Indications: foot drop, foot slap, and other pathologies related to ambulatory weakness associated with conditions such as MS, muscular dystrophy, traumatic brain injuries, Charcot-Marie-Tooth, Gullain-Barre syndrome, achilles tendinosis, post polio syndrome, stroke, cerebral palsy, mid-foot and ankle arthrosis, or myelomeningocele. 

Do not use this product if: User weight exceeds 299 lbs, user has ulcers on or near AFO contact area, user has moderate or severe edema, user has moderate to severe foot deformities, user has severe ankle instability, user has plantarflexion contracture, user has severe fixed ankle valgus or varus conditions, user has non-correctable triplanar instability, user engages in high impact sports or activities, user has material allergies, user has severe spasticity.

Fitting Tips: 

✔ Utilize appropriate footwear: Our F-series AFOs can be worn with a wide variety of shoes but we typically recommend comfortable, lace-up sneakers with a slightly raised heel height such as Brooks, New Balance, and Sketchers. In most cases, our F-Series AFOs will work perfectly with your current shoe size but if you find yourself needing extra room, you may consider moving up 1/2 a shoe size. 

✔ Measure your current insole: Our F-Series AFOs are intended to be used inside of your shoe, under your current insole. To ensure that you order the appropriate size, measure your current insole and compare the length to the sizing chart above and choose the size that is closest but not significantly larger than the length of your current insole. These devices can only be trimmed by certified medical professionals with appropriate tools and safety equipment to accommodate modifications. 

✔ The straps can be trimmed with scissors: If the straps are too long, remove the Thrive-branded alligator tabs from the top and bottom straps (these are velcro'd on - not sewn on). Trim the straps to the desired length and reattach the alligator tabs for a secure fit.



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