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Thrive Symmetry Strap™ Ankle Support System - Video Transcription

Hi, I am Joe from Thrive Orthopedics and today we're going to talk about our new symmetry ankle support strap. What we have here is an F3 large AFO with the magnetic straps. It's the souped-up version, we have the inner strap pads along with these magnetic straps and this ankle support would be good for anybody who has ankle instability and is kind of rolling in. You really don't want to be in this device if you're rolling out because you're going to be rolling into this carbon fiber strap. There’s really not a whole lot we can do with in terms with helping with that.

But if you’re rolling in we can use this strap to kind of help pull your ankle into a neutral position.The ankle strap comes with two little pieces of velcro, you are going to put one kind of in the center of the bottom of the foot plate lined up where the strap meets the foot plate. The other piece of velcro you're going to line up on the strut. What you end up having is your ankle support system like this and I'm going to show you what this looks like in practice on my foot.

Okay, with the Symmetry ankle support strap you're going to line up our Thrive logo with your medial malleolus which is just your ankle bone here, your prominent ankle bone, and so we're going to line it up there and then you'll see on the bottom we have that velcro. You're going to go ahead and stick it to the velcro, we're getting trim off this extra material here. But then what we're going to do is you're going to take this longer piece of the ankle support here and attach it to this piece of velcro that we’ve stuck onto the strut of the AFO. And then from there, you can go ahead and fasten your strap and then we'll show you what it looks like in the shoe.

Okay, now that we have the ankle strap all lined up to fit in line with my ankle bone, we're going to go ahead and trim this excess material that we were telling you about before we put it in the shoe. Okay, so that’s done; no more excess material and of course the shoe insole or your custom orthotic is always going to go on top of your AFO. Let’s go ahead and put this in the shoe, so we have it in the shoe. And then I'm going to release this ankle strap momentarily and will put the insole back in. Now I have the insole on top of the AFO and I can go ahead and release these magnetic straps, don't have to mess with velcro and I'm just going to go ahead and step in here. Go ahead and adjust the tongue of my shoe, ankle strap, go ahead and lace up, and close my magnetic straps. No velcro. All right so now we have the AFO magnetic straps, strap pads and the Symmetry ankle support system.

So that's going to help for medial, so ankle instability when you're rolling to the inside. Let us know if you have any questions.