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Selecting the Right Size Insole

Hi, I am Joe with Thrive Orthopedics and today we're going to be talking about how to measure for the right carbon foot plate size. So, I have my Adidas size 11 ½. What I am going to do is take out the insole and I'm just going to measure from toe to heel. So from toe to heel we’re at just under 11& ½ inches, about 11 and ¾ inches. So Thrive has a size 11 and a size 12, we don't have half sizes at this time. So now I have to decide which is a better fit. So the size 11 is about 11 inches and a quarter and the size 12 is about 11 and three-quarters of an inch. So there's about a half inch difference.

And so if I were to go with the size 12 it’s actually going to be too big to even fit in my shoe. So in this scenario I would just go down a size and I'll have a little bit of extra room but it's still going to be a much better fit, you know where as if I order this one and you know I’m messing around, just can’t get it in you’re going to end up returning it and exchanging it for one size smaller. So if you’re kind of on the border just go down a size. Another thing about these carbon AFOs is they are left and right so you can use them on either side of your body.